Graduate Spotlight - OTA

OTA graduate finds future in Florida

Chante Griffin completed one Greenville Technical College program and went to work as a surgical technologist. At her first job, a doctor took her under his wing and encouraged her to continue her education.

Of all the options she was exposed to in the health care field, occupational therapy seemed the most appealing. She wondered what happened to patients after they came through surgery. Where did they go? How did they get better?

Griffin entered Greenville Technical College's Occupational Therapy Assistant program and, she says, fell in love with the field. She enjoyed taking what she learned in the classroom and applying it in a clinical setting. She even found herself repeating words to her patients that her instructors had used in class.

Two jobs - one full-time with NHC and one part-time with HCR Manor Care - provided exposure to many different diagnoses. When she mentioned to a supervisor at Manor Care that she'd like to relocate and pursue further education in the field, an opportunity was found in Palm Harbor, Florida.

Now Griffin has moved her 11-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter to a new city and a new life, one in which her employer will help her reach her educational goals. These, inspired in part by the doctor who mentored her and the many instructors who impressed her along the way, include earning a master's degree and going back into the classroom as an instructor.

Griffin feels a responsibility to pay her mentoring forward. "I really have a passion for teaching," she says. "To see someone use information I've taught them would be amazing."