OTA Program - Phase II


Students are selected for OTA program Phase II admission based upon competitive weighted admission scores and the relative scores of the applicant pool each year. Students with the highest scores are accepted on a space available basis. Admission into GTC OTA program Phase I does not guarantee admission into Phase II of the program.

Phase II admission requirements

    Students must complete the following to be considered for admission into Phase II:

    • Attend a Career Talk advising session for the OTA program within two years of submission of your weighted admission form to be considered for Phase II.
    • Applications
    • Attain a minimum cumulative technical GPA of 2.50 for all Phase I courses and have passed all Phase I courses with a minimum grade of “C” or higher on the first or second attempt at Greenville Technical College.

    When to apply for Phase II

    The OTA Program Phase II application period for fall enrollment is between January 15 and February 28.

    Once you are admitted to Phase II…

    After acceptance into Phase II of the OTA program, students will be required to

    • Attend OTA Program new student orientation.
    • Have a negative 10-panel drug screen.
    • Complete the Healthstream online preclinical orientation.
    • Submit documentation of current Healthcare Provider CPR certification.
    • Have a crime-free criminal background report.
    • Submit documentation of current physical exam and required immunizations.
    • Be able to attend all fieldwork affiliations on a full-time basis during scheduled fieldwork affiliation dates.