Pet Grooming Clinic

Professional Grooming & Animal Care students at Greenville Technical College supplement their classroom education with real life experience. Make an appointment to bring your dog or cat to Greenville Technical College's Northwest Campus for bathing and grooming services at our Pet Grooming Clinic. You’ll get professional services at a very reasonable cost while helping to provide students with the experience they need. 

To schedule an appointment, call (864) 246-1867 and a new customer packet will be mailed to you. 

Payment is due at the time of drop off. We accept checks and cash only. 

Bathing Services

Includes nails clipped and filed, ears cleaned, ear hair pulled if necessary, pads clipped, sanitary clip, undercoat if necessary, remove all mats, bath in appropriate shampoo based on pet's coat needs, completely dry, and neaten feet if necessary.


Bath fees

Dogs  0-25 lbs. $10 
 26 - 55lbs. $20  
 56 - 75lbs.  $25 
 75lbs. and up  $30 
 All cats $20  


Grooming Services

Includes the bath plus the hair cut/style you choose. We have designer colognes, bandanas, bows, and nail painting available. This is provided at no extra charge.  


Grooming fees

Dogs 0-25 lbs.$15
 26 - 55lbs.$25
 56 - 75lbs. $35
 75lbs. and up  $45
All cats $35


Other services

We also offer other services at an additional cost. Please specify at time of drop off.

  • Soft Claws are available for dogs and cats. A set (front paws) is only $5, front and rear set $10.
  • Brushing of teeth is available at an additional charge of $5.



  • On your first visit, you must present the pets' current vaccination records and sign a grooming release form.
  • For dogs, rabies and DH(L)PP are required, bordetella (kennel cough) is strongly recommended.
  • For cats, rabies and FVRCP are required, feline leukemia is strongly recommended.
  • For the safety of your pets and our students we will not accept pets that require any type of sedating medication for grooming appointments. Pets that need these medications are better served in a veterinary office.

All customers are asked to remember that this is a school and students will be grooming their pets. Sometimes students make mistakes. We also ask that customers remember that although this is run like a grooming salon to give the students a real feel for the work place, it is the students' classroom and owners cannot stay with their pets.