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    Prior Learning Assessment


    Earn college credit for what you already know.

    At Greenville Technical College, experience counts for you. The knowledge that you have gained outside the classroom is extremely valuable. We can help you earn college credit for what you already know through our Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process.

    Veterans: Your military experience counts in so many ways, and it should count toward your education too. What you learned in the military can be recognized for college credit. We respect your service, and all the knowledge that came with it. 

    Save time and money as you earn your degree.  


    What is Prior Learning Assessment?

    Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is a process that allows adult learners to demonstrate knowledge and skills in a particular field and have that learning evaluated for college credit. Some examples of learning that can be evaluated:

    • Military service
    • Employer training programs
    • Occupational certifications
    • Work experience
    • Foreign language ability
    • Quick Jobs training or noncredit coursework

    Hear what others say about prior learning exemption credit (from The Council of Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL)):

    What are the methods of earning exemption credits through prior learning? 

    What courses are available for PLA credit?

    The PLA process gives adult learners the opportunity to receive college credit for college level learning which occurred outside the college classroom. This is called exemption credit. You will work with a PLA evaluator in your academic program area for individual assessment.

    Contact your Academic Program Director to determine if you may qualify for prior learning assessment and exemption credit.

    How many PLA Credits can be earned?

    A student must complete a minimum of 25% of all program course requirements through instruction at Greenville Technical College. Exemption credit and transfer credit will not count in the 25% minimum.

    Transferability of PLA Courses

    While PLA credits will count toward the completion of programs at Greenville Technical College, course credit awarded for PLA may not transfer to other institutions. It is up to the receiving institution to determine what credits can be transferred.