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    PLA Options


    Greenville Technical College has several options available to enable students to earn credit based on prior learning. To receive such credit, students must have completed a Greenville Technical College admissions application and paid the appropriate fees to be enrolled in the college.

    Departmental Proficiency Exams

    Some Greenville Technical College departments offer students the opportunity to exempt a class on the basis of satisfactory performance on a departmental proficiency exam. The academic program director determines eligibility of a student to take the exam, administers the exam and sets the passing score. Courses exempted will be designated on the student transcript as EE.

    Course Substitution

    Course exemption through course substitution occurs when the PLA evaluator determines that a student has taken another course which meets the requirements of the course being exempted. The grade ES will appear on the college transcript.

    Noncredit Coursework

    The college may grant course exemption for documented noncredit coursework. An example could be a Quick Jobs course. The grade EN will appear on the college transcript.

    Technical Advanced Placement (TAP)

    Exemption through an agreement with a high school may be granted when written agreements are in place with the high schools with specific criteria. The grade of EA will appear on the college transcript.

    Waiver of requirements

    PLA evaluators may waive prerequisite requirements under certain circumstances. The grade of EB will appear on the college transcript.

    Professional Certifications

    An external industry certification, which indicates a student has met the course competencies of a required programmatic course, may result in exemption credit. Current and valid documentation is required. The grade of ET will appear on the college transcript.

    Business and Industry Work Experience 

    Students may receive exemption for knowledge acquired through work and other experiences. Methods to evaluate this may include demonstration of skills and verification from employer. The grade of EI will appear on the college transcript.

    Military Training

    Courses and experience completed in the military as recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE) may qualify for exemption credit. The PLA evaluator will review the Joint Service Transcripts or the Community College of the Air Force transcripts to determine eligibility. Student must send the official transcripts to Student Records. The grade of EM will appear on the college transcript.

    Request Official Joint Services Transcript (JST) at https://jst.doded.mil/official.html or http://www.airuniversity.af.mil/Barnes/CCAF/  


    Currently enrolled students may request exemption credits through documented work and life experiences in the field in which a degree is being pursued. This type of PLA may be used when exemption credits cannot feasibly be granted by other means. The grade of EP will appear on the college transcript. 

    PLA Student Prep for Portfolio (pdf)

    International Baccalaureate (IB) Exams

    The college will award exemption credit to IB Graduates with acceptable scores on IB-HL exams. The transcript must be sent directly to Student Records for review. The grade EO will appear on the college transcript.

    IB Course Equivalencies (pdf)

    Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

    GTC will accept exemption credits for advanced placement scores according to subject areas. The AP test scores must be sent to GTC Student Records in order to obtain exemption credit. The grade of EO will appear on the transcript.

    More on AP test scores...

    College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Exams

    The College Level Examination Program gives a student the opportunity to receive college exemption credit for prior learning in a variety of subject areas. The academic department predetermines course eligibility. The grade of EO will appear on the college transcript.

    CLEP Course Equivalencies (pdf)