Acceptance to Greenville Technical College doesn’t guarantee admission to your chosen field of study. Placement is determined by your previous education, standardized tests, or scores on our placement tests. These measures are used to determine which classes you need to start with and to ensure your success in the program you’ve selected.

To determine your placement requirements, you can review the Placement Flowchart (pdf) or use this Interactive Placement Tool (pdf).


Scores used for placement

You may be able to skip Greenville Technical College’s placement test if you have acceptable scores on certain standardized tests:

  • SAT – 480 or above on the reading and math sections
    (scores are valid for 5 years after test)
  • ACT – 19 or above on the English and math sections
    (scores are valid for 5 years after test)
  • GED - 175 or above on the Language Arts and Mathematics sections
    (scores valid January 2014 - present)
  • AP – 3 or above on a math or English subject test
    (scores are valid for 20 years after test)
  • IB (HL level) – 4 or above
    (scores are valid for 20 years after test) 
  • CLEP – 50 or higher
    (scores are valid for 20 years after test) 

These scores must be submitted to Greenville Technical College through the testing organization. For specific questions about SAT, ACT, AP, IB, and CLEP scores, please call the Advanced Placement Department at (864) 250-8000.

Transferrable credits for placement

You may not have to take the corresponding subject placement test if you:

  • Have 12 transferrable credits earned at another college with a grade of C or better
  • Have credits for English 101 and/or Math 101 or higher level included in those 12 credits

Contact the Transcript Evaluation Office or Testing at (864) 250-8000 for questions about which part of the placement test to complete.

No scores/credits? Take placement test

If you don’t have qualifying scores, you must take Greenville Technical College’s placement tests. The Accuplacer placement test is computerized and not timed. The average testing time is two hours. Since it’s computerized, it is possible to stop during the test and finish at a later time. Before you test, review some sample questions (pdf).

Testing is offered weekdays at several convenient locations.

Extra help for placement tests

You can improve your Accuplacer scores by taking a little time to prepare.

What’s next?

After you submit scores or take the placement test, move on to Step 5 – Complete Financial Aid.