Plan 60 Option


Any legal resident of South Carolina, age 60 and older, who is not employed full-time, may attend most curriculum or continuing education classes on a space available basis* without payment with the Plan 60 option. This applies only if the class has reached its minimum enrollment and has spaces available (S.C Law 59-111-320). NOTE: Some licensing courses, vendor agreement courses, and authorized training courses will not apply.

Because Plan 60 is a tuition-only waiver program, students are responsible for paying the student fee, technology fee and books/materials fees. Plan 60 covers tuition that is not paid by a third party. If a student is eligible for PELL or Lottery Tuition Assistance, Plan 60 will cover the remainder.

Economic Development and Corporate Training students - to participate in Plan 60, just let our registration staff know you'd like to participate.  Plan 60 does not apply to ed2go or any other online courses offered by an online partner provider.

For all other students (curriculum/credit students), apply for Plan 60 as follows as part of the enrollment process:

  • Complete the Plan 60 form.
  • Complete Step 1 (applying to the college) for curriculum classes,which includes the completed form for Legal Presence in the US.
  • Some courses may require proof of a pre-requisite, so you will also complete Step 3 (submitting transcripts) and Step 4 (placement testing).

*Space Available Basis: Those wishing to take advantage of this policy must wait to register the work day before a one-day seminar or the first day of class for a multi-day class. Please inquire when registering if you think you may qualify. Popular classes fill up quickly. Registering with payment is the only way to guarantee your space in class. If you choose to register with payment, you are no longer eligible for Plan 60 registration and the normal withdrawal and refund policy would apply.