Testing Center Proctor Information

Greenville Technical College offers online course options, allowing students to complete their courses utilizing online testing, papers, reports, and/or course participation in lieu of traditional in-person testing methods. However, some courses require supervised, paper-pencil or computer-based testing given either on campus or by a test proctor.


The Distance Education Testing Center of Greenville Technical College provides alternative assessment options for both Greenville Technical College students and students from other institutions.

Proctored, or supervised, testing can be completed at the Distance Education Testing Center, located at the college's Barton Campus in the Dental Building (Bldg 112) Room 350. Click here for Location and Testing Hours.

for Greenville Technical College students

For courses requiring test proctoring, where you live is a determining factor in whether you will be required to test at the local Barton campus location or at a local, college-approved proctor in your area.

  • If you live within 50 miles of the Barton campus and are enrolled in a course that requires proctored testing, you are required to take your test at the Testing Center.
  • If you live 50 miles or more from the Greenville Technical College Barton Campus (main campus) and are enrolled in a class that requires proctored testing, you have the option to obtain a test proctor (exam supervisor) to oversee your testing in lieu of on-campus testing. It is your responsibility to secure your own proctor to administer the tests.

Please review your course syllabus for testing instructions, times and deadlines.

for non-local students

The Distance Education Testing Center offers proctoring services to test-takers from other universities or organizations as a community service and as a participant in the National College Testing Association's Consortium of College Testing Centers. We proctor both paper- and computer-based tests, and we charge a $10 proctor fee per test in order to cover our expenses.

It is the student's responsibility to pay these charges. See payment instructions (pdf).

Note: Business Office will not accept payment without the Proctored Exam Form.

Tests are arranged by appointment to avoid scheduling conflicts. Other testing procedures will vary according to the individual test and the home institution's requirements.

Please note:

  • Students must have an approved Proctor prior to testing. Each instructor must approve test proctoring before completion of the Non-Local Proctoring Agreement. 

    Complete Non-Local Proctoring Agreement Form 

    Both the student and the proctor must complete their respective areas of the form and provide electronic signature in the proper areas. The student and proctor's signature signifies that they have read, understand, and agree to comply with the test administration rules.
  • The person acting as the proctor is in a position of trust. Only those persons that meet and can document their qualifications will be approved. The proctor application will be reviewed and approved after verification is completed. Those applications that are incomplete, do not have the required documentation, or do not meet the proctor qualifications will not be approved, and the student will be notified. No exams will be transmitted until an approved proctor application is on file.
  • It is the student's responsibility to make the appropriate arrangements for completing all necessary testing, as required for each course, prior to the term's start date.
  • Friends, relatives, employers or a student MAY NOT be a proctor.