PTA Program - Phase I

The following information is essential for students to successfully complete Phase I. Students MUST complete Phase I prior to admission to the PTA Phase II program.


Phase I Admission Requirements

  • Complete Greenville Technical College application packet.
  • Submit all high school transcripts or GED and official college transcripts, if applicable.
  • Achieve acceptable ASSET or COMPASS score for placement into Phase I courses.
    • Reading Scores: Asset 42 / Compass 82. Eligible for placement in ENG 101.
    • Writing Scores: Asset 41/ Compass 70. Eligible for placement in ENG 101
    • Math Scores: Asset: ALGI 49-55 or ALGC 38-43 / Compass: ALGC 26-50. Eligible for enrollment in MAT 120
  • Attend a Career Talk Advising Seminar as soon as possible, within 2 years and no later than March of the year you plan to apply to the program.
  • Meet with a PTA Program Advisor to plan course progression.  Find your program advisor here


When to apply for Phase I courses

In order to enroll for fall classes, the college admissions application must be received by August 1. Any student submitting an application after this deadline will not be eligible to enroll for Fall Semester, but will be encouraged to complete the enrollment process by testing, filing the FAFSA, completing online orientation, and registering for classes, in order to enroll in January for Spring Semester.

  • Students must complete all Phase I General Education courses with a "C" or better within 2 attempts, including course withdrawals (W), maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.5 before being considered for admission into Phase II.

Articulating college information

The PTA program has articulation agreements with institutions to assure transfer of appropriate Phase I courses.

Two seats are guaranteed annually in Phase II from each of the following:

  • Blue Ridge Community College, Hendersonville, NC
  • Isothermal Community College, Rutherfordton, NC
  • Piedmont Technical College, Greenwood, SC
  • York Technical College, Rock Hill, SC

Required courses for Phase I

AHS 102 - Medical Terminology, 3.0 credits

BIO 150 - Anatomy Review for Kinesiology,  1.0 credits*

BIO 210 - Anatomy & Physiology I,  4.0 credits

BIO 211 - Anatomy & Physiology I,  4.0 credits

ENG 101 - English Composition I,  3.0 credits

MAT 120 - Probability and Statistics,  3.0 credits

PSY 201 - General Psychology,  3.0 credits

PSY 203 - Human Growth & Development,  3.0 credits

SPC 205 - Public Speaking †,  3.0 credits

Humanities Elective,  3.0 credits

† Although SPC 205 is preferred, SPC 200 or SPC 209 will be accepted.
* Taken within 5 years of admission into Phase II

SUGGESTED Phase I Progression

PTA Phase I courses may be taken as follows either full time or part time.  (See "Required courses for Phase I" above for course titles)

 Full Time 
Courses listed below may be taken in any order. The chart below is only a suggested model for full time progression for students who have completed Math Placement courses if required.

(30 credit hours, 10 courses)

1st Semester
(usually Fall) 
2nd Semester
(usually Spring)  
16 credit hours
5 courses
16 credit hours
5 courses

 ENG 101: 3 credits

BIO 150: 1 credit

AHS 102: 3 credits

MAT 120: 3 credits

 PSY 201: 3 credits 

PSY 203: 3 credits

 Humanities Elective: 3 credits 
See full list of
suggested humanities

SPC 205/209: 3 credits

BIO 210: 4 credits

BIO 211: 4 credits

Courses listed below may be taken in any order. The chart below is only a suggested model for part time progression and includes Developmental Math courses if required.

(Required 32 credit hours, 10 courses + Developmental Math if Required)


2nd Semester
3rd Semester
4th Semester
5th Semester
9 credit hrs
3 courses  
9 credit hrs
3 courses  
9 credit hrs
3 courses  
7 credit hrs
2 courses  
10 credit hrs
3 courses  

ENG 101: 
3 credits

Humanities Elective:
3 credits 
See full list

PSY 203:
3 credits

BIO 210:
4 credits

BIO 150:
1 Credit

AHS 102:
3 credits

PSY 201:
3 credits

MAT 101:
3 credits

MAT 102:
3 credits

BIO 211:
4 credits

MAT 031, if required:
3 credits

MAT 032, if required:
3 credits

SPC 205/209:
3 credits


MAT 120:
3 credits