What is typography? Why is it important? Typography is the design of letterforms, which includes style, arrangement, and appearance of a printed letter. We are inundated with type all through our day on visual and social media, packaging, emails, signage, and so on. As consumers of type, we take for granted this visual form of language and how essential it is to our perception of the message of the media, advertising of products or services, and packaging. We ignore type's ability to persuade, entertain, and enhance language's hierarchy and meaning.

Greenville Technical College teaches Type Design as a core course in the Department of Visual Arts graphic design program. Lettered, an exhibition of typography, celebrates this type designing course by presenting student work with the most original, well-crafted solutions to the course's assigned projects. These students, under the guidance and instruction of Shane Howell, investigate the potential of type. Through Shane's innovative project assignments students explore the style, arrangement, and appearance of handmade and printed letters and how best to use these as tools to support design themes. His mantra for his students is "Impress me." Shane continues, "Typography is work. Continuously published, it is seldom exceptional. Thank you to my students who have given great consideration and talent to my lettering whims."

RIVERWORKS Gallery is operated by and for the faculty and students of the Department of Visual Arts at Greenville Technical College. RIVERWORKS Gallery is located at 300 River Street, Suite 202, along the scenic Reedy River in downtown Greenville, SC.

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