Toys and Games is an exhibition of interactive sculpture designed to debunk the myths of art as unapproachable, untouchable, and incomprehensible. These sculptures of David Detrich, Todd Stewart, and Travis Wood invite tactile experience. They are best comprehended through play, manipulation, and curiosity. They are fully functional devices. Most are constructed with common materials, easily thrift store or Home Depot found. Others are extruded from a 3D printer. These sculptures are not devices you might find in your kitchen, workshop, or office. They are devices of the imagination encouraging questions, creating sensations and the "aha" of irony.   

These sculptures are probably closet kin to music boxes, the old, possibly extinct "Hop Scotch", as well as current computer games. So Toys and Games also presents a history of play from the elegant drawing room to the bygone street play to the current rec room video game. David Detrich in his artist statement records a definition of artist "as a trickster that employs sleight of hand." David, Todd, and Travis embody that definition. Referencing his sculpture, Todd says "By creating functional devices designed for interaction, passive viewing is transformed into an active, full body experience." According to Travis, "I make toys with my friends."
David Detrich is Professor of Art, Sculpture and Graduate Program Coordinator at Clemson University, Clemson, SC. Todd Stewart, a recent Clemson MFA graduate is Project Manager, Public Art for the Arts & Science Council in Charlotte, NC. Travis Wood, alumnus of Greenville Technical College and recent Magna Cum Laude, BFA graduate of Clemson, is co-owner of Gemini Minds. 
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