Eclipse 2 poster 
The word eclipse references the lunar-solar cycles, which through the calendar and clock, have become the universal measurement of the cycles of our lives. According to artist Leah Cabinum, "The works in this exhibition are intended to mimic life's cyclical nature through an active exploitation of materials." In eclipse 2, Cabinum is exploiting bicycle tire inner tubes, repurposing them as if they are the elegant, draping folds of fine fabric. Leah contrasts the inner tubes' masculine connotations with Barbie-pink paper and thread. She also contradicts the inner tubes' strength and resiliency with feminine grace and sensuous folds. Here, inner tubes as a material eclipse their function to transcend the mundane with universal life possibilities.

Cabinum's sculpture begins with her lifelong attraction to devalued or spent materials with thoughts of repurposing them. She mines the color, texture, malleability, and shape of the object that often eclipses its visual and conceptual possibilities. Leah's sculptural journey of exploration begins with the supplies at hand. She states, "As the work takes shape, symbolism emerges and often relates to the universal ebb and flow of life." Her end product shifts our perspective; and in her words, "The universality of our own evolution eventually becomes apparent to each of us, and however subtly, becomes personal."

Cabinum lives and works in her rural home and studio near Clover, South Carolina. She grew up in Athens, Georgia, with her father, a University of Georgia professor. She began her study of art as a child through lessons there, and eventually graduated with a BFA in Metalwork. Later, in her forties, Leah entered the MFA program at Winthrop University, studying and making sculpture as she held down full-time teaching positions. Now she works as a full-time artist exhibiting and installing her work throughout the Southeast.

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