SAP from the Employer Perspective

SAP Dean MapleGreenville Technical College is an SAP University Alliance member, and in the world of logistics and materials management, that’s a big deal. Dean Maple, Program Manager for Dräxlmaier Automotive, says, “In today's manufacturing environment, the functionality of SAP has in many ways become the language of business.”

Becoming leaner and more productive means less waste and more profit. SAP is the tool box that makes it happen, leading the logistics market in Enterprise Resource Planning software. It’s estimated that 80% of all products worldwide are at some point touched by an SAP-managed process.  Maple says, “Tasks including integration of customer demand and communication across sectors of a business are how we roll these days, and business leaders that have not embraced the SAP environment or something very similar will wish they had. “

Maple sees SAP from the perspective of an end user and provides that insight to his students as an adjunct faculty member of the Supply Chain Management program. “At Greenville Technical College, we have rolled out courses integrating the sectors of business together with hands-on simulation and decision making by students that well prepare them for productive roles in today's business environment.”