SAP University Alliances


Greenville Technical College is now a member of the SAP University Alliances. This designation allows our students to learn by having access to SAP data to manipulate and experience. Upon completion of three SAP-approved courses, students will receive an SAP University Alliances student recognition award.

SAP has been already been integrated into the Supply Chain Management associate degree program. Longer term, the college plans to include this valuable learning experience to students pursuing degrees in Accounting, Management and Marketing.

SAP is the market leader for enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, but what does Greenville Technical College’s designation as an SAP University Alliances member mean for our students?

  • SAP software training, which is used on 80% of all products in the world
  • Develop enhanced problem-solving skills
  • See process linkages among various functions of a business
  • Gain knowledge as to how business processes work
  • Be prepared for working with other ERP systems because of similar technology
  • Become more marketable to employers because of exposure to SAP applications

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