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Fast Web's free Scholarship Search includes more than 600,000 scholarships worth more than $1 billion. Fast Web is provided completely free, and Greenville Technical College is a proud Fast Web member school.

Scholarship search resources

African American Scholarships
College Board
College Net
College Planning Network
Fast Web
Gates Millennium Scholars
Go College
Graduate Tutor
Military Scholarships 
Princeton Review Directory 
T.E.A.C.H Early Childhood Scholarship - 

Safe Search - Beware of scams

Scam Warning Signs:

  • You have to pay a fee
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Credit Card/Bank Account Information Required
  • Offers Exclusive Information

Common Scams:

  • Phony Scholarship - promises cash if you pay a registration fee
  • Phony Scholarship Matching Service - pay a fee and they guarantee you will win awards
  • Phony Educational Loan - pay a fee and receive a low interest loan
  • Phony Financial Aid Seminar - a high pressure, poorly concealed sales pitch

Tips for your scholarship search

  • Start early! Almost every scholarship has a deadline and many scholarships give priority to applications submitted early.
  • Compile a list of accomplishments, awards, professional experience, education credentials, and volunteer organizations. Having this list handy will save you hours during the application process as nearly every application will ask for this information
  • Be aggressive. Scholarships are designed to reward deserving and persistent students who are willing to "do what it takes" to further their education. A scholarship committee is not impressed by a "less than your best" effort. Plan accordingly!
  • Identify and contact at least three people who would be willing to write an impressive recommendation letter on your behalf. 
  • Apply for every scholarship for which you are eligible. You never know what somebody else may see in you. Remember scholarships are available for almost every facet of student life and education.
  • Follow up! Don't let your scholarship application slip through the cracks. Scholarship committees will also appreciate the dedication you show in your future endeavors.
  • Be organized! This is a great time to hone your organizational skills. Make sure to keep track of all deadlines, signatures, recommendation letters, and any necessary follow-up questions from a scholarship organization.
  • Don't underestimate the importance of applying for scholarships. After all, a successful scholarship search could land you with a free ride and money to spare! How's that for motivation!