Standards of Behavior


Greenville Technical College is committed to building a culture of service excellence by raising the mission, vision, and values of the college to new heights. We seek to recruit potential employees whose values and expectations align with those of the college.

In order to proceed in the employment application process, please read and accept our Standards of Behavior:

Working in partnership with all members of the Greenville Technical College Community, I will:

  • demonstrate teamwork by working with others to achieve the common goal of providing quality service in a positive and effective manner.
  • strive to understand the various cultures and groups of the college community, being respectful and appreciative of diverse needs and perspectives.

Forward Thinking
Utilizing innovative and creative approaches in order to foster an atmosphere of learning, service, and growth, I will:

  • embrace change by being flexible, positive, proactive, and resourceful.
  • take the initiative to find solutions.
  • actively pursue and participate in professional development opportunities.

Employing effective and positive interaction that reflects pride in Greenville Technical College, I will:

  • be courteous in all verbal and nonverbal sharing of information.
  • learn and comply with laws, college policies, and agreements relating to confidential information.
  • listen actively; be responsive and receptive using clear, concise speech and accurate terminology; and share information appropriately.
  • practice proper and pleasant telephone etiquette by answering and returning all calls promptly.
  • practice responsible and professional email etiquette.
  • respond promptly to all requests and inquiries.

Displaying an attitude of excellence while providing an exceptional level of service and quality in all actions and interactions, I will:

  • be an ambassador for GTC at all times, ensuring that my actions and words reflect positively on the college.
  • provide exceptional service with a pleasant demeanor showing empathy, kindness, and sincerity.
  • reflect a professional image by dressing appropriately for the duties I perform and the events I attend.
  • take responsibility to know and apply policies, resources, processes, and systems to better serve my co-workers and customers.
  • take ownership of all my actions.

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I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the GTC Standards of Behavior.

I have read, understand, and do not agree with the GTC Standards of Behavior.
Not Agree