Why Greenville Technical College?


At Greenville Technical College, Sterling is building strong technical and leadership skills.

Sterling left Charleston in 2011 and came to Greenville Technical College to get a real college experience away from home. He entered the Building Construction Technology program, graduating last year, and is now completing a second degree in Construction Engineering Technology. At Greenville Technical College, he’s enjoyed reasonable tuition and small classes taught by professors who care. He’s moved from member to president of the Student Government Association. That experience is helping to develop the leadership and people skills he’ll need some day as head of his own construction company. 

Career change? 
Let us help you get there.

Do you want or need to change your career? Let us help you with selecting a program that will help you achieve your goals and complement your life experiences and interests. We know that your time is likely booked with family and work, and we want Greenville Technical College to fit your schedule.

Your real life experience counts.

At Greenville Technical College, we value your real life experience and want it to count in the classroom. We will work with you to complete a comprehensive academic and skills assessment so that we can make sure the skills gained through years of experience will work for you in the classroom. It may even mean you get to take fewer classes.

Industry partnerships mean you earn while you learn.

Employers seek Greenville Technical College graduates knowing they've gained hands-on experience through health clinicals, human services field placements, automotive partnership programs, co-op opportunities, apprenticeships, and more. Many programs get you right into the field, and some even allow you to earn while you learn.

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Why Greenville Technical College?

  • Employers see value in Greenville Technical College
    • Employers help develop what you will learn in class and many participate in internships so that you can develop direct relationships with employers.
  • You'll find a good value that fits your goals
    • A Greenville Technical College education can take you anywhere, and the reasonable cost means you won't have debt that follows you forever.

  • Classes are available close to you
    • With five campuses located across Greenville County, there's one close to where you live and work. Our flexible course schedules offer traditional classes, online courses and hybrid options to create the best fit for your schedule. Click here to see a list of locations >
  • Accreditation means your credits move with you
  • Small classes mean more attention
    • Instructors are available to you in class and after, so that you can get answers to your questions.
  • Lifetime employment assistance
    • Put your college degree to work for you and find a well-paying job. Take advantage of lifetime employment assistance as you develop a job search strategy.

Visit Building Construction Technology for important information about the educational debt, earnings, and graduation rates of students who attended this program.