Student Clubs and Organizations


    Guidelines for Student Organizations

    Associated General Contractors Student Chapter 
    (Ed Abraham, Advisor)
    This national organization is open to students in Construction Engineering Technology. Its purpose is to help keep students abreast of the latest developments in the construction industry. Contractors' representatives assist in placing students after graduation.

    Baptist Collegiate Ministry 
    (Tracie Raines, Advisor)
    The purpose is to reflect the life of Christ in members' lives and to those lives around them, to strengthen and unify the members, to provide a ministry to individuals within the campus community, and to nurture them in the Christian life and faith.

    Campus Crusade for Christ 
    (Dr. Hala Nestberg, Advisor)
    Campus Crusade for Christ is an interdenominational Christian organization on college campuses across the nation and around the world. The purpose is to dispel misconceptions that people have about Jesus Christ and to give people an opportunity to hear the claims of Christ. Its purpose, also, is to help students at Greenville Tech grow into their relationship with God.

    The Critics' Choice 
    (Beverly Stroud, Advisor)
    The purpose of this organization is to better acquaint members with the elements and design of theater, to familiarize members with the theaters offered in the Upstate and to give members an opportunity to interact with the actors, directors and the technicians of local theaters in an educational environment. Membership is open to any interested students, regardless of their program of study.

    Greenville Tech LAMBDA Gay-Straight Alliance (GTC-LAMBDA-GSA)
    (Elizabeth Purcell, Advisor)
    The purpose of this organization shall be to strive to educate others and ourselves on LGHT and Straight issues and to work toward enlightening those who are unaware and inspiring those who remain silent in uniting the LGBT and Straight communities on campus in order to create an accepting environment, to be a safe place where everyone can feel comfortable and supported and to foster an active and diverse culture at Greenville Technical College.

    Greenville Tech Education Club
    (Philip Larson, Advisor)
    The purpose of this organization is to provide an opportunity for education majors and other students to explore careers in education, learn about relevant issues, and enhance relationships with and knowledge of senior institutions with education programs.

    Greenville Tech Theatre
    (Advisor, TBA)
    The purpose of this organization is to provide a supportive environment for thespians and theater lovers at Greenville Tech and to further Greenville Tech's contribution to the arts.

    Greenville Tech Veterans
    (Advisor, Sharon Bellwood)
    The purpose of this organization is to support veterans attending Greenville Technical College with pursuing their higher education goals.

    Health Information Management
    (Advisor, TBA)
    The goals of this student organization are to educate the public about the nature of the profession of health information management, to instill in the students a true appreciation of their role in health care, and to encourage the development of professional skills and behavior among those students preparing for a future in the field of health information management.

    Helping U Succeed: Human Services Student Organization 
    The objective is to provide a forum for communication among Human Services students, to provide opportunities for Human Services students to participate in community service activities, and to sponsor workshops/seminars addressing issues relating to human service professions.

    International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)
    (Carolyn Walker and Carol Mull, Advisors)
    The objective of this organization is to take an active interest in civic cultural, social and moral welfare of the community, to foster caring and supportive relationships and to encourage individuals to develop to their fullest and to develop active community partnerships through a mentoring program.

    International Student Organization 
    (Chirinjev Peterson, Karen White, Dr. Reginald Bruster, Advisors)
    The purpose of the International Student Organization is to provide a forum for foreign-born students to support the internationalization of Greenville Technical College and in turn to receive support from the college, the faculty and each other in their efforts to understand and to function in the United States.

    Lambda Nu-Alpha Chapter 
    (Michael E. Dyches, Advisor)
    Lambda Nu is a national honor society for students in radiologic and imaging sciences programs. Purposes of this organization are to foster academic scholarship at the highest levels, promote research and investigation in the radiologic and imaging sciences, recognize exemplary scholarship, mentor students, and promote community service.

    Muslim Student Association 
    The purpose of this organization is to strengthen the sense of unity and equality between Muslim and non-Muslim students at Greenville Technical College, as well as foster an environment of peace, goodwill, cohesion and understanding to its students, faculty and staff where they are educated on the true nature of Islam.

    National Technical Honor Society 
    (India Fulkerson, Advisor)
    Getting accepted into the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) is America's highest award for excellence in career and technical education. More than 2,500 schools and colleges throughout the United States are affiliated with the society. NTHS encourages higher scholastic achievement, cultivates a desire for personal excellence, and helps top students find success in today's highly competitive workplace.

    Philosophy Club 
    (Bill Burns, Advisor)
    The purpose of this club is to provide a casual, education environment for students to discuss philosophical ideas, thoughts, and concepts, and come to a greater understanding of such subjects through a provided open forum of guest speakers, lectures, and special presentations. The club also strives to engage in relationships with other philosophical societies and organizations at other campuses and institutions.

    Phi Theta Kappa 
    (Michael Vargo and Dianne Chidester, Advisors)
    Phi Theta Kappa recognizes and encourages scholarship, leadership and service among the students in the two-year colleges in America.

    To accomplish this purpose, the group provides opportunities for the development of leadership and service, an intellectual climate for the exchange of ideas and ideals, stimulation of interest in continued academic excellence and fellowship. Students who are in associate degree programs, who have at least two remaining semesters and who have accumulated 12 credit hours and a 3.4 cumulative grade point average are eligible to apply. Graduating members receive special recognition at the graduation ceremony.

    Physical Therapist Assistant Association 
    (Jean Hamrick, Advisor)
    The purpose of this organization is to educate the public about the nature of the profession of physical therapy, to instill in the students the importance of community service, and to promote teamwork in achieving goals of the Physical Therapist Assistant program at Greenville Tech.

    The Poetry Club 
    (Bill Burns, Advisor)
    The purpose of this organization is to promote classical and modern poetry reading, the discussion of poets and poetry, and the creation of new works of poetry by club members. The club is open to all Greenville Technical College students and available to college faculty and staff.

    The Psychology Club 
    (Michael Vargo, Advisor)
    The purpose of this club is to promote interest in psychology for Greenville Technical College students; to facilitate open, objective discussion of psychological topics; and to engender an experiential appreciation and understanding of the role of empirical research in developing this discipline's knowledge base.

    Recycling Coalition
    (Lynn Spicher and Brad Caldwell)
    The GTC Recycling Coalition is a diverse collection of faculty, staff and students. The goal of this coalition is to establish continuing resource reduction programs at all campuses of Greenville Technical College in an effort to reduce our ecological imprint on the Earth.

    (Mary Locke, Mary Ryan-Morris, Tong Wagner, Advisors)
    Rotaract is a Rotary sponsored service organization. It provides an opportunity for young men and women to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development while addressing the physical and social needs of their communities and promoting better relations among all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service.

    South Carolina Upstate Paralegal Association (SCUPA)
    (Elizabeth Mann, Advisor)
    Students enrolled in the Paralegal program are encouraged to join the South Carolina Upstate Paralegal Association (SCUPA) as student members. SCUPA holds monthly luncheon meetings with speakers who address a wide variety of issues affecting the paralegal career field. SCUPA is also involved in educational and community service activities. SCPA periodically provides a scholarship to a deserving and outstanding paralegal student. SCUPA is a member of the South Carolina Alliance of Legal Assistants Association (SCALAA). SCUPA also is affiliated with the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA). NALA offers its Certified Legal Assistant (CLA) exam through SCUPA. Greenville Tech Paralegal program graduates are qualified and encouraged to take this exam.

    Spanish Club 
    (Leei Mao, Advisor)
    The purpose is to promote awareness of Hispanic people and their culture, to integrate the Hispanic and American community through different activities, and to provide tutoring for both Spanish and non-Spanish-speaking students at Greenville Tech.

    The Student Art Club 
    (Mark V. Roper, Advisor)
    The purpose of this organization is to serve the community in a beneficial capacity through art projects and volunteer opportunities, to help encourage and support Visual Arts students through monthly meetings, workshops and community events, to raise an awareness of the professionalism of the Visual Arts students and his/her work on the campus of Greenville Technical College and in Upstate South Carolina. This club will also help provide positive networking for the students enrolled in the Visual Arts program and the working arts of Upstate South Carolina and assist in promoting and marketing the artwork of students enrolled in the Visual Arts program of Greenville Tech.

    Student Government Association (SGA)
    (Eric Williams, Advisor)
    Every registered Greenville Tech student may consider himself or herself to be a member of the Student Government Association. This organization provides students a voice in student affairs and college procedures as well as an opportunity to engage in the democratic process on campus. The types of activities generally sponsored by the SGA include student elections, leadership workshops, campus and community service projects, various kinds of entertainment and approving new organizations. The student council consists of a maximum of four students from each academic division. Two students from each division are elected in the fall. All representatives serve a semester of one year. Students interested in actively participating in the Student Government Association should contact the office of the SGA or the director of Student Activities.

    GTC Student Nurses Organization
    Greenville Technical College's Student Nursing Organization(SNA) is a pre-professional organization for nursing and pre-nursing students. Members are eligible numerous discounts, including health insurance and are given a chance to be involved with community outreach and networking. For more information, email us at

    Student Occupational Therapy Association 
    (Jennifer Coyne, Advisor)
    The purpose of this organization is to educate the public about the nature of the profession of occupational therapy, to instill in the students an appreciation of their role in health care and to encourage the development of professional skills and behavior among those students preparing for a future in the field of occupational therapy.

    Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)
    (Diane Granger-Jackson and Amy Daniels, Advisors)
    The purpose of this organization is to retain women enrolled in the Engineering Technology, Science and Industrial programs and assist with the recruitment of other women to the programs. WISE also will work to introduce women to opportunities in non-traditional role jobs.