Academic Coaching

Our academic coaches can help you evaluate your study skills, identify your challenges, and develop strategies and skills for academic and personal success.

Get assistance with:

  • Time Management
  • Effective note-taking
  • Creating a study plan
  • Reducing Test Anxiety
  • Test-taking strategies and skills
  • Dealing with attendance challenges
  • Managing stress
  • Technology challenges
  • Developing communication skills with instructors
  • Effectively using textbooks


To make an appointment, just call or stop by the Academic Coaching office at a campus convenient to you.

Barton:       (864) 250-8373 
University Transfer Building (104), Rm 131

Benson:      (864) 250-3017 
Building 301, Rm 117A

Brashier:     (864) 250-4131
Building 201, Rm 214

Online Academic Coaching is now available. To schedule an appointment, visit For more information, please contact Michelle Henderson, (864) 250-4150. 

Why consider Academic Coaching?

Coaches will show you how to:

  • Study more efficiently
  • Find support services, such as tutoring etc.
  • Better manage my time.
  • Prepare for tests and exams.
  • Reduce my stress and anxiety

What are coaching sessions like?

In a coaching session you will:

  • Learn more effective ways of learning and retaining course material.
  • Develop strategies to prepare for your most challenging courses.
  • Receive personalized recommendation to improve study techniques.
  • Discuss any concerns that you may have about your academic situation.