With five campuses and classes that transfer easily to your home college, you can catch up or get ahead at GTC.

What is a Transient Visiting student?

If you are enrolled at a college other than Greenville Technical College and you would like to take classes at Greenville Technical College in order to transfer them back to your “home” college, you are considered a Transient Visiting student.

Transient Visiting students are:

  • Responsible for tuition and fees
  • Not eligible for financial aid or lottery tuition assistance
  • Responsible for completing the online orientation accessible on GTC4me
  • Allowed to register for classes where seats are available
  • Not eligible to be placed on waiting lists for classes

Before You Enroll

  • Choose your courses from any of the transferable courses in Arts & Sciences Programs, Business Programs, Public Service Programs or Technology Programs, and make sure that the credits will be accepted by your home college.
  • Check for current Greenville Technical College prerequisites for the courses you wish to take by viewing the catalog.


    Steps to Enroll

    NOTE: If you were a student at Greenville Technical College within the last 12 months, skip steps 1,2, and 3 (complete application, Declaration of Legal Presence form, and orientation). However, if you were not a Transient Visiting Student when you were enrolled at the college, you will need to submit a Program Change Form to change your program to Transient Visiting.

    1. Complete the online application for admission to Greenville Technical College as early as possible. 
      • Enter major/program on application as Transient Visiting.
    2. Submit the Declaration of Legal Presence in US (pdf) with appropriate documentation (e.g. driver's license, CDL, Passport, etc.) to OnlineOrientation@gvltec.edu.
    3. Once you have received an email of college acceptance, complete the online orientation, accessible on GTC4me (login required).  If you do not know your GTC4me username, visit this link for username assistance.
    4. Review and electronically sign the Student Enrollment Agreement (SEA) form verifying your understanding of important information related to your enrollment at Greenville Technical College.  You will find the SEA form in the Notifications section of your GTC4me homepage.
    5. Choose one of these two options to register for classes:
      • Our new online process: Transient Students must complete the online Transient Visiting Student Enrollment & Permission Form for each semester you wish to attend and have your Institution Dean or Advisor sign it approving the courses selected. 
        • Students must complete the top portion of the form, sign then click submit for the form to electronically send to your Dean or Advisor. 
        • Once the Dean or Advisor signs the form, it will submit to Greenville Technical College’s Orientation Center to be processed. 
        • When registration begins, you will be registered and an email will be sent to your @my.gvltec.edu email. 
      • Our walk-in process: Transient Students must complete the Transient Visiting Student Permission Form (pdf) for each semester you wish to attend and have your Institution Dean or Advisor sign it approving the courses selected, or you may provide your home college’s permission form. Please also complete the Add/Drop/Withdrawal form (pdf) to register at the Orientation Center in the Admissions & Registration Center starting the first day of registration. Should you need further information, please call (864) 250-8000.
    6. Individuals registering on behalf of a student must also provide to our Student Records department a completed Information Release Form that has been signed by the student, along with a copy of the student's picture ID.     
      • Transient Visiting students cannot add/drop or withdraw online.  
    7. Make your payment for classes.  Payment is due in full.  Payment can be made online, over the phone or in person at the Business Office or Student Services at any of our campuses. Check with your home institution for financial assistance information concerning attending another institution.    
      •  Transient visiting students do not receive financial aid.
    8. Take your printed schedule to receive a student picture ID and your Parking Permit  - click for locations and schedule and for more information.
    9. Once enrolled in classes, log in to your Student E-mail account through GTC4me.

    To Get Credit

    You must request an official transcript be sent to your home institution at the end of the semester once your final grades are posted.

    Request an official transcript online >