Graduate Spotlight - Transitional Studies

Relating with first-hand experience

Viraj MehtaViraj Mehta has been there.

When he applied to Greenville Technical College, Viraj was aware that he would need some developmental courses in English and reading, since English isn’t his first language. But after taking his placement tests, he was surprised when his math scores weren’t high enough to allow him to get started right away on the courses in his major.

Viraj did have the math skills to complete three math courses in six months; he just needed to focus. The English and reading classes he viewed positively, knowing that skills in these areas would pay off throughout his college career and his life. His goal was to continue on to Clemson for a four-year degree, which he knew would be an expensive and challenging goal.

After reaching that goal, Viraj has circled back to Greenville Technical College and is now part of the faculty for Transitional Studies, formerly Developmental Studies. Transitional courses are designed for students who need refresher courses in English, math, reading or ESL before taking college-level courses. Viraj knows first-hand some of the challenges his students face. Like many of his students, one of his biggest challenges was balancing the time needed for both his classes and his job.

Viraj advises his students, “I was one of you, and your education has to be your first priority. Keep going, put the time in, and don’t give up.” He knows from experience that we all have the ability to achieve what we want if we work hard and persevere.