Veterans Application for Benefits


To apply for benefits, veterans must first be fully accepted to the college and into a program of study by the Admissions Office. A veteran should then report to the Veterans Affairs Office in the Admissions and Registration Center, Room 106, with a copy of his or her DD214 or a DD2384 NOBE (Notice of Basic Eligibility) form, if an active reservist.

Veterans also must furnish official transcripts from all colleges attended. These should be forwarded to the Admissions Office. An evaluation of all college transcripts must be completed by the Transcript Evaluation Office by the end of the first semester in a new program of study. Benefits cannot be extended beyond the first semester until this is accomplished. It is the responsibility of the veteran to make sure the evaluation has been completed.

To change programs, the same admissions and evaluation process must be followed and Change of Program form filled out in the Veterans Affairs office.

Veterans may apply for any of the below VA benefits at the VA Office in the Admissions and Registration Center, Room 106:

Veterans may also access electronic forms via either of the following web sites: