Veterans Grading Procedures

In 1976, the Congress amended the “GI Bill” in such a way as to encourage veterans to move toward the attainment of educational career goals. The law now provides that no payment will be made to an eligible veteran for auditing a course or for taking a course in which the grade assigned is not used in computing graduation requirements. Included in this rule are courses from which veterans withdraw.
To comply with this federal law, the following rules apply to veterans or other individuals who receive veterans benefits:
  • The “I” grade is a non-punitive grade as defined by the Veterans Administration. This grade is not a permanent grade and carries only a message of temporary condition that will be changed to a letter grade of A, B, C, D or F.
  • Veterans who receive an “I” as a grade must make up the work at least one week prior to final exams of the following semester. Work not made up will result in the grade of “F.”
  • In the event that a veteran receives an “I” at the end of a semester, further work in the course must be accomplished by the veteran at his own expense without government reimbursement.
  • In all cases, an “F” grade is defined as a punitive grade for purposes of computing eligibility for and receipt of veterans’ benefits.
  • Veterans cannot be paid for an “AU,” “NC” or a “CF” grade.
  • Veterans cannot be paid for any course not listed in the curriculum. If there are any electives listed as part of the curriculum, veterans must not exceed the total number of elective hours designated by the program. Veterans must take only electives that are listed as approved electives or electives that have been approved in writing by the department head.
  • Veterans cannot be paid for upgrading or prerequisite courses not counting toward graduation without written verification of test results indicating a need for such course. Remedial/deficiency training is limited to the equivalent of two semesters.
  • D grades are not transferable and the VA will not reimburse for repeating courses to remove or supplant Ds.
  • Students may repeat for VA benefits a course in which a grade of W, I, NC or F has been received only if he or she has obtained an Authorization to Retake course(s) (VA Form 191) and the course is required for the training objective
  • Academic progress will be determined by the transcript evaluation at the end of each semester. Failure to maintain a 2.0
    GPA during any semester will result in the student being placed on Veterans Affairs (VA) Warning for the following semester.
  • Failure to achieve a GPA of 2.0 during the VA Warning semester will result in the student being placed on VA Probation
    and may have educational benefits suspended at the end of the probationary period until the student has been counseled
    in the Greenville Technical College Veterans Affairs Office. The results of this counseling session will determine if benefits are
    reinstated for the student’s present program, or if he/she will have to change programs.
  • Failure to achieve a GPA of 2.0 during the VA Probation semester will result in the student being placed on VA Suspension. VA
    Educational Benefits will be suspended until the student has completed a semester with a GPA of 2.0 or better.

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