Veterans Status and Attendance

Veterans Change of Status

All recipients of veterans benefits must immediately notify the Veterans Affairs Office of any changes that may affect their pay status. Such changes include change of program, change of hours, change of dependency and change of address. All necessary forms and instructions can be obtained in the Veterans Affairs Office. All recipients must notify the Greenville Technical College Veterans Affairs Office each semester when they enroll for class if they wish their benefits to be continued for subsequent terms. Certifications will not be automatically processed without the student request.

Veterans Attendance Policy

Class attendance is necessary in order to receive maximum benefits from the educational process and to achieve academically. It is the student’s responsibility to attend class and to be punctual. A student MAY BE administratively withdrawn when failing a course and when more than 10 percent of the class contact hours in a given course have been missed without providing the instructor official documentation of excusable reasons for the absences prior to reaching the 10 percent limit. Students will be notified by the instructor in writing, including electronic forms of communications, if the limit has been exceeded and if they are being administratively withdrawn (WA). VA benefits and other financial aid may be affected by a student’s excessive absences.

Tuition Assistance Return of Funds Policy

All DoD Tuition Assistance (TA) Funds are earned in a prorated manner on a daily basis up to the 60% point for the course. DoD Tuition Assistance Regulation states that a student must attend through the 60% point of the course in order to earn 100% of their TA funds for the period for which the funds were approved. All unearned TA funds will be returned based on the last date of attendance prior to the 60% point for the course.

Note: Students will need to check with their Branch of Service to see specific Terms and Conditions pertaining to Tuition Assistance.