The Writing Center

    The Writing Center’s mission is to produce better writing and better writers. The center is staffed by English instructors and qualified English tutors who are eager to help any student or member of the faculty or staff at any stage of the writing process.

    Make the most of your visit

    • Bring the instructor’s assignment sheet, notes from class relating to the assignment, and any texts you are using
    • Bring some writing if possible (pre-writing, a draft)
    • Have a couple of specific questions ready for the tutor

    Writing Center Tutors

    Writing Center Tutors WILL

    • Offer suggestions related to every phase of academic or research writing, including invention, organization, development, and documentation
    • Examine rough drafts and offer general comments about organization and development (These comments are not intended to replace the specific guidance students have received from their instructor about such matters.)
    • Offer assistance with grammar in a way designed to encourage the student to learn the grammatical skills needed (On any specific point that is open to more than one interpretation, the interpretation of the student’s instructor takes precedence.)
    • Offer suggestions for further practice and/or study

    Writing Center Tutors WILL NOT

    • Proofread papers
    • Seek to find every error in the paper
    • Grade or give evaluations of work
    • Compose sentences or drafts

    Writing Center Locations and Schedules

    • Schedules for all Tutoring Centers  (GTC4me Log-in required)
    • Barton Writing Center
      University Transfer Building 104, Room 131   
    • Benson Writing Center
      Building 301, 127
    • Northwest Writing Center
      Building 402, Room 129
    • Brashier Writing Center
      Building 202, Room 102



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