Earn college credit while in high school

Want to earn college credits while you’re still in high school? Early College at Greenville Technical College means that if you’re a junior or senior, you can use your early dismissal from high school to take Greenville Technical College classes in the afternoon, or you can take classes at your career center.

Getting an early start on college credits will:

  • Let you experience college work
  • Save you time and money
  • Help you explore career options
  • Allow you to lighten your load or finish college ahead of schedule

Who is eligible?

If you are currently a high school junior or senior, you are eligible to enroll in Early College courses as long as you meet placement testing requirements. Juniors and seniors can take up to two courses each semester. 

To be accepted into Early College classes, you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

University Transfer classes

  • Submit SAT or ACT scores. You can waive Greenville Technical College’s placement test with these scores:
    • SAT – Critical Reading (previously Verbal) & Math scores of 480 each
    • ACT – English and Math scores of 19 each
  • If you don’t have qualifying SAT, ACT, or AP scores, you’ll need to complete Greenville Technical College’s placement testing
  • For ENG 101 (English Composition I), you must have completed at least three years of high school English
  • For University Transfer lab science courses, you must have completed one year of the equivalent high school lab science course (for example: high school biology is required to take BIO 101)

Technical courses

  • Acceptable score on the Greenville Technical College placement test 

How do I enroll in Early College?

  1. Complete the Early College Enrollment Packet.  The packet is composed of two parts:  the enrollment form and the legal status form.

      • Be sure to complete the entire the student section of the Early College enrollment form, including social security number and signatures of students and parents.
      • Students will also need a high school guidance counselor signature and a high school transcript. 
      • Complete the legal status form with the proper documentation when submitting the form at the time of enrollment. If you cannot prove legal presence in this country, you will not be eligible for the Early College program. 

    If you need to request an exception for participation in the Early College program, use the Exception Request form. Requests are not guaranteed and will be granted at the college’s discretion.

    • Take the enrollment form to your high school guidance counselor to complete Section 2 (For High School Counselors’ Use Only section), verifying high school and college minimum requirements for participation.
    • Submit the completed enrollment form to the Greenville Technical College Admissions Office located in the Admissions and Registration Center at McAlister Square or to Student Services at the Brashier, Benson, or Northwest campuses. If you are enrolling in classes at a Greenville County Schools career center, submit your paperwork at the center. 
    • Submit your SAT/ACT scores or take our placement exam. These scores are used to qualify you for college classes. Detailed score requirements are included with the requirements information.
    • Register for classes with an advisor in the Orientation Center at the Admissions and Registration Center in McAlister Square or at the Brashier, Benson, or Northwest campuses.
    • Pay applicable tuition and fees. 



    • Library – Early College students have access to all GTC Campus libraries to use for research
    • Tutoring Services – Use GTC’s free tutoring services if you are having trouble with a course, a specific topic, writing a paper, etc.
    • Honors Program – Take advantage of an enhanced college experience and see if the Honors Program is a fit for you
    • Career Coach – Find your career with Career Coach
    • Parking Decals – Any vehicle parked at any GTC campus must have a valid parking decal
    • Student I.D. – Go here to learn how and where to get your GTC Student I.D.
    • PATH – Learn about transfer options at Greenville Technical College
    • SC Trac – Use SC Trac to see how your Early College courses will transfer to other South Carolina colleges and universities

    Student rights & parent access

    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of the educational records of students. The following are some working guidelines for the Greenville Technical College Early College program:

    • Students must have accountability for their enrollment in college courses. Parents should not have direct contact with college instructors regarding their student’s grades and academic progress. Students should develop advocacy skills and learn to communicate with instructors on their own regarding academic matters. Parents should not anticipate receipt of ongoing and specific updates from college instructors regarding their students’ academic progress throughout the semester.
    • There should be no contact (email, text, phone, face to face) between parents and instructors regarding students’ grades and academic progress. Instructors who receive requests for information from parents may respond by acknowledging their concern, letting parents know that they are bound by FERPA regulations regarding information-sharing, and inviting their student to communicate with them directly for assistance and follow-up.
    • Parents may attend a student-instructor conference only with their student’s permission for this to occur. Parental involvement in student-instructor conferences should be kept to a minimum and may only take place after the student has met with his or her instructor.
    • Meetings should be arranged and guided by the student rather than the parent.
    • Parents are granted access to their student’s official record kept in the Student Records Office if they submit an Information Authorization Release form to the Student Records Office. This release of information only applies to information from the official record of a student that is maintained in the Student Records Office for records that were generated at Greenville Technical College. This form remains in effect for one semester and may be revoked by the student at any time.

    After high school – continuing at GTC

    Now that you’ve taken classes at GTC as a high school student, we’d love to have you consider continuing your education as a college student at Greenville Technical College! You already know we have small classes and quality instructors. We are also one of the most affordable higher education options – continue with us for your first two years then transfer your credits to an accredited university to finish. Learn more about why Greenville Tech is right for you.

    Ready to get started?
    The first step is to complete the college application, which is different than the application you completed for Early College. Find more details when you visit the steps to enrolling.