United Bank Assists with Emergency Student Needs

United Bank's gift will assist students who have unmet critical needs, providing help with medical bills, utilities, rent, bus passes, and other financial burdens that could otherwise cause a student to drop out.

AFL Funds Emergency Student Needs for STEM Students

AFL, an international manufacturer headquartered in Spartanburg, has awarded $10,000 to the Greenville Tech Foundation to assist students at the college who are enrolled in STEM programs when they experience emergency financial needs that may prevent them from progressing in their education.

Chef Bill Twaler named director at the Truist Culinary and Hospitality Innovation Center

Chef Bill Twaler has been selected as director at GTC's Truist Culinary and Hospitality Innovation Center (CHI). Twaler has been a vital member of the CHI team for the past year and has played an instrumental role in developing, promoting, and delivering Quick Jobs programs there, giving graduates entry-level skills for the culinary field in a matter of weeks.